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Making web scraping easy

Scrapex.ai is a no code scraping platform, designed to be the one-stop shop for all your web scraping needs. We deal with complexities and the frustrations of web-scraping so that you don’t have to.

  • Easy point and click interface

  • Handle Dynamic Sites

  • No download required

  • Turn any website instantly to an API

  • Multiple export options (CSV, JSON, API)

  • 24x7 Support

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All in one AI powered scraping platform

Scrapex is changing the way you scrape data, saving you time and giving you unmatched functionality.

Point and Click interface

Our visual configurator tool enables you to configure a scraper with just a few clicks!

Scrape dynamic sites and SPA

Don't worry about Dynamic sites or Single Page Applications. All Javascript is rendered by default.

No Coding Required

With scrapex.ai, you can quickly extract data from the web without outsourcing or hiring developers.

Ready to use scraper APIs

Scraping popular sites such as amazon, walmart or instagram? Use ready to use scraper APIs to get started instantly. No configuration needed.

Data Grid

Scrape millions of websites and preview extracted data right in your browser. Review data for different page types and handle edge cases with ease.

No Infrastructure to build.

Don't spend time maintaining servers or building databases. All your data is securely stored with us in the cloud. Download them whenever you need to.

Export data in CSV, JSON or access them via an API.

Export data in a variety of formats. Have a custom requirement? We offer API access in all our plans!

Extra features

Enjoy features such as concurrent scraping, CAPTCHA solver and smart retries with all our plans.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.


A better way to extract data

  • Auto repair broken selectors

    Our AI powered auto-selectors technology repairs your broken selectors automatically. No more time wasted reconfiguring selectors.

  • Automatic Data Extraction APIs

    Extract data at scale from e-commerce, news, job listings and product review websites with ease.

  • Scrape sites requiring authenciation

    Extract data from websites behind a login form.

  • Record your workflows

    Have a complex workflow? Don't worry, our web recorder tool helps you to record your scraping workflow and replay as required.

  • Integrations

    Our zapier Integration will help you to integrate our platform onto 1000s of other products.

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications on your phone / email when your crawl has been completed.

Frequently asked questions

Send us an email - ashwin [at] scrapex.ai

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