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Your complete Low-Code web data extraction platform

Let automate scraping and handle data extraction problems at scale.

ScrapeX comes with:

  • Visual Configurator
  • Scripting Engine (Javascript)
  • JSON data store
  • Flexible job scheduler
  • API access (to both data & run scripts)

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Visual Configurator

Select elements to scrape with our no-code point and click interface.

  • Single elements - page header etc
  • Multiple elements - essentially a list of similar data points from a single page
  • Group - data which go together (For example, product, price and availability from a page listing out products).
  • Extract text or any of the properties (like links etc) associated with an element


Use our advanced JavaScript engine to handle various scenarios including but not limited to

  • Loop through a set of links
  • Handle pagination
  • Crawl a website
  • Perform user actions like scrolling, clicking buttons
  • Wait for pages/elements to load

Data Store

Store extracted data directly into our collections store for subsequent access any time via a REST API.

  • JSON key-value data store
  • Store / retrieve data at any point during the script.
  • Details provided in our API documentation
Inbox user interface

API access

Integrate scraping jobs into your process workflows through our simple REST API. Access your data or fire on-demand extraction directly from Google Sheets

Customer profile user interface

Other Features

Robust Job scheduling & Notifications

Automate scraping and schedule it to run at any frequency. View run history, job status. Get email notifications on job runs.

Based in the cloud

No hassle of maintaining servers and databases. We securely save all your data in the cloud so you can download them anytime.

Handles any website

Scrape and store data from dynamic sites, navigate pop-ups, Single Page Applications and websites behind login forms.

Bypass blocks

Captcha handling, automatic IP rotation, proxies minimizes the chances of being blocked

Errors & Notifications

Automated email notifications & error reporting supported


Pricing plans



The essentials to provide your best work for clients.

  • 1000 of URLs / month
  • All Features
  • Email Support


$199 /month

$75 /month

A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.

  • 100000 of URLs / month
  • All Features
  • Parallel Processing
  • Priority Email Support


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Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

  • Custom URLs / month
  • All Features
  • Parallel Processing
  • Dedicated Support Plans