Managing an eCommerce Business

Do you effectively manage an eCommerce business?

7 out of every 10 customers will leave your website in the middle of shopping. With web scraping, you can -

  • Monitor Ads by competitors
  • Audit SERP by scraping results for a keyword search
  • Scrape other sites to find data on newly added products

Scrape competitor sites to find reliable suppliers and merchants

  • Scrape “sold by” and “seller information” on sites like Amazon, eBay etc
  • Onboard top-rated merchants to improve customer satisfaction
  • Audit sites to locate unauthorized merchants or suspicious sellers
  • Track MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) violations across multiple sites
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Gather data about inventory and product details

  • Monitor stock availability of coveted products on multiple sites
  • Scrape details from competitor’s discount banners and coupons
  • Get data from Q&A section to add missing product data
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Why is web scraping important in eCommerce?

  • Auto scheduled scrapers gather new product data
  • Crawl sites to analyze product categorization strategy
  • Enrich product listings by adding scraped data
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