E-commerce Merchandising

As an eCommerce merchandiser you can

  • Collect price data on product listings from multiple sites
  • Get data on competition’s offers and deals
  • Scrape data on reviews and ratings
  • Track Ads by competitors

Scrape targeted websites with specific product keywords

  • Compare product portfolio against competition
  • Scrape product catalog on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy etc
  • Get data on new products listed for a keyword or category search
  • Evaluate product feed on site’s search results against competition
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Check price data and stock availability of competition

  • Check MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) violation
  • Match competition’s discounts and minimize price gaps
  • Collect data on shipping and delivery fees offered by competitors
  • Extract “out of stock” details of products on other sites
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Accelerate customer acquisition by optimizing product listings.

  • Extract product images, discounts, and details from Amazon, eBay, BestBuy etc
  • Gather data on reviews and ratings
  • Extract the Q&A section to add missing details in listings
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Here's what you could do with all the scraped data

  • Map competitor's price changes during the sales and offers
  • Integrate scraped data set with data visualization tools
  • Increase the organic search traffic to your website with detailed listings
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