Web Scraping for eCommerce

Scalable Web Scraping for Retail & eCommerce

Price monitoring

Monitor prices of millions of products on thousands of sites

Track MAP violations and identify vendor non-compliance

Scrape delivery dates, shipping fees and out of stock data

Scrape discounts offered by the competition and run timely promotions

Optimized Site Planogram

Scrape site planogram and digital shelf to analyse the competition’s strategy

Promotional data
Extract data from Ads, discount banners and coupons
Search Results
Crawl a site to collect data on product portfolio
Site Planogram Sections
Scrape targeted sections on competitor’s site
Deals and discount data
Launch coupons and discounts in strategic sections to boost sales
optimized site

Competitive Intelligence

  • Crawl an entire site to export the complete product catalog
  • Ready-made scrapers for websites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Scrape Q&A and FAQ sections to update product listings
  • Audit other sites for new product data to update your portfolio
  • Discover top-rated and popular items on the competitor's site.
  • Track stock unavailability to adjust the delivery date and shipping fee
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Keyword-based data scraping

  • Check product visibility on digital shelves of sites like Amazon, eBay etc
  • Scrape product feed data in retailer's SERP for a keyword search
  • Improve organic search ranking by adding missing product data
  • Enhance your product categorization strategy based on site’s SERP
Customer profile user interface

Scrape data to understand customer sentiment

  • Extract reviews and ratings to gauge customer satisfaction
  • Use opinion mining for targeted advertisements and promotions
  • Utilize scraped data for new product ideas and feature improvements
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